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Happy Holiday for Skin

December 5, 2017 by  
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Winter makes me happy— but my skin is a different story. I have very dry skin, and like many of you, winter is a time when I am constantly battling flaky, tight skin and what I call an ongoing case of the “night leg itchies.”  It’s all about moisture, and not just because I need it, everyone with skin needs to trap and keep moisture in for healthy, glowing, soft skin. This is important for spring, summer and fall, but is especially important as winter arrives, when humidity is decreased and skin takes a 25% hit in its ability to retain moisture.

Proper hydration can only be achieved when the barrier is functioning.   You may not love winter as much as I do, but with this information, I hope to bestow a love for glowy, winter skin.  …oh and don’t forget to drink enough water.


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